Kids love games, and Scratch is a good platform to play with. Lets explore some actual games which allow us to find out about Scratch.

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Cat Number Guess

Just thinking one up.

  • between 1 and 20
  • there is a timer
  • beat the clock.
  • the 10 number gets larger each time (so dopamine )
  • there is a leaderboard

First try took an hour or so

  • variables

maybe do next:

  • countdown timer
  • better way to display messages
  • leaderboard Cat Number Guess

Maybe Pong

almost pong

alt text

Have got the start screen working which is a slightly rotating ball and space to start.

Then I’ve got a ball bouncing off both sides horizontally working.

alt text

This is gravity - the ball bounces and eventually stops. If we set -0.8 to 1, it will never stop bouncing (in fact it will bounce off the top)

yVelocity is currentYVelocity

alt text

This code was generated by AI

alt text

Bounces horizonally too (never stops as xVelocity is -1).

Gravity ball - y - space

alt text

debug_message very handy. Trying to get the space bar to act like in almost pong. Using the simplest y only example here to see how I can get this to work.



flappy birds

dinosaur game

shooter game

space invaders


cookie clicker (a la paperclip)

YouTube - nightly routine.