Dave lives near Brighton in England and works as a freelance .NET developer, mentor, and SaaS company entrepreneur.

“I found your service outstanding, your engagements with myself, engineering and ops teams… are always highly professional, polite and collaborative” Senior Analyst, Tier-1 UK Bank

Spring 2019

Dave is speaking on Functional programming in C# including Functional Brighton where he will demo a Broken link checker written functionally.

DDD 2017, Microsoft, Reading


Craig did Great Write Up of the conference which included a good summary of Dave’s talk on Twitter data processing

Dave did an interview on Channel 9 about streaming large amounts of data into SQL Server.

May 2016, London


Refactoring towards testable code and happier developers - https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/8181-lscc-talks-may

20min video of the talk on code quality

Having well maintained code makes it easier to find bugs, add features, bring new developers onto a team, solve performance issues and makes developers happy!

David will take you through a practical guide on how to do this with your codebase.

He will start at the beginning then get more detailed covering: formatting, commenting, zombie code, naming, refactoring tools, method lengths, commands/queries, complexity, conditional logic, composition/inheritance, duplication and responsibility.

April 2015, London


30,000,000+ songs! Explore your favourite music with Spotify’s JSON Web API, MVC5, Dapper and OAuth2 https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/6350-30m-plus-songs-explore-your-favorite-music-with-spotifys-json-web-api-mvc5-dapper-and-oauth2

Challenge: “While coding at work I want to listen to great songs and albums that I know” - This live MVC5 site shows the most influential, seminal albums and great songs of different musical era’s. Explore the lists, preview songs (without a Spotify account). Select what you like, then save this playlist to your Spotify account.

I will start from basics and move quickly - how to explore a JSON API with .NET using GET, POST, PUT and DELETE

  • Find Artists, Songs, Playlists and Users
  • Display great images and Artist Wikipedia articles
  • Create and follow playlists
  • Learn about OAuth2 - its seems complicated from the outside… I’ll show you how to do it.

Use MVC5 simply and close to the metal with Dapper as a high performance ORM.

This is going to be a pragmatic (source on Github), entertaining, musically inspiring, fast paced talk… Enjoy!

Public repos are on: