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1955 Nuffield - older technology can be good and make you very happy… Vi was written in 1977…

I recently found a way to use Vim with my favourite note taking application OneNote so I thought I’d revisit my favourite most used commands.

CapsLock - mapped to escape

h,j,k,l - move cursor
w - move forward by a word
b - move back by a word
{ - move back by paragraph
} - move forward by paragraph
:n - go to line n

o - start writing on next line
x - delete character
dd - delete a line
cc - change whole line
dw - delete word
. - repeat last (useful for deleting a lot)
u - undo
<C - r> - redo

i - insert text at cursor
gg - go to top of document
G - go to end of document
yy - yank line
p - put

v - visual mode (for copying)

ci( - change inside ()
di( - delete inside ()
yi( - yank inside ()

dt" - delete up to "

rp - replace character with p
R - replace mode

J - join next line to this one
~ - capitalise

D - delete to end of line
C - change to end of line

fw - find letter w
; - move again to same character in same direction

A - go to end of line and start inserting

$ - go to end of line (I normally use A as this goes to insert mode too)
0 - go to beginning of line

/ - search
n - next in same direction
N - next in opposite direction

Here are my lesser used commands:

# visual block mode (vertical)
ctrl v, I, move cursor, x   - inserts

I - insert at beginning of line

2dd - delete 2 lines
  • da” - Delete Around double quotes
  • di] - Delete Inside square brackets
  • dap - Delete Around Paragraph

  • xp - xdelete paste to Swap 2 characters

These commmands and highlighting style from VimTricks


VSCodeVim Roadmap has shows what commands are implemented in my favourite text editor!

<C S e> - Explorer pane
l or enter - back to editor pane


Vimium Extension for Chrome and Firefox

j - scroll down
k - scroll up
gg - scroll to top of page
G - scroll to bottom of page

f - follow link in current tab
F - follow link in new tab

H - back

/ - search
' - search on google serach page (puts cursor back into serach box)

? - help

Mail and Vim

Vmail for Gmail

Mutt and Reddit thread on setting up with Gmail too

Other lists

Greg Hewgill on Stack Overflow

My post 3 years ago on Vim

Windows Keyboard Repeat

This is very useful to make Vim commands mostly navigation feel more responsive eg h,j,k,l and also repeat . in all Vim implementations.

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Learning new Vim commands is a never ending journey of frustration and happiness.

Good luck to us all!!!!