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Don’t get stung :-) Here are some of my favourite tools for web perf and analytics:

Monitoring - Free tier. 50 monitors. Sends a request every 5 minutes to a website. - Free tier. Gives average response times.

Azure Application Insights

Infrastructure - eg is this a wordpress site, what webserver etc.. This handles redirects well

Command line tools



Apache benchmarks load testing from the command line

JMeter and this video was a useful 10 minute guide.

YSlow for testing webpages as a browser plugin

Lighthouse Chrome extension - scores on perf, compression, caching, CDN


SSL Labs I found an incomplete SSL Cert security chain using and Scott Hanselman post on this

OWASP Zed Attach Proxy (ZAP) pen testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in web apps. I’ve only briefly used this and it pointed to the same issues as above.

Web Accessibility


Lighthouse Chrome extension