Cmder is my shell of choice. download from github

Where to Install

ps I install in C:\sharedTools\cmder (note I now use cmder full instead of cmder_mini - but both are fine)


The Nov 2017 release fixes issue that aliases don’t work without the legacy console enabled in Win10.

Update the file C:\sharedTools\cmder\config\user-aliases.cmd

Here are my favourite aliases

gl=git log --oneline --all --graph --decorate  $*
ls=ls -lat --show-control-chars -F --color $*
e=explorer .
p=git add . -A & git commit -m "auto commit" & git push
c=code .
cdd = cd c:\dev
k=kubectl $*
das = az aks browse -n aks -g aksrg
ddel = docker container prune -f $t docker image prune -af $t docker network prune -f $t docker volume prune -f

Set Starup Directory


Split the Window

ps Very nice to split the screen

Only show 1 active window in the taskbar


Settings (Win Alt P)

Keyboard shortcuts

Shift Insert - pastes multi line


Such a useful tool: run curl from windows

Essentially download from here


Then copy curl.exe, libcurl.dll and the .crt file into c:\sharedTools

:: check for 301 redirect
curl -i

:: check for https, and ignore the cert
curl -i -k

:: check for redirect to www ignoring the cert
curl -k

:: just show header information and not html
curl -I