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The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer designed for use in computer eduction.

  • version 1 - 2016 started shipping. Buttom edge is flat.
  • version 2 - introduced in 2020. Bottom edge is bumpy. A more powerful processor. Speaker and microphone, touch sensitive logo
  • version 2.2 - details - basically identical to version 2. and the results of supply chain issues. firmware different. There is a 2.20 and 2.21

It has specs and pictures here!

  • 25 LED lights that can flash messages
  • 2 programmable buttons
  • accelerometer to detect motion
  • compass
  • radio receiver
  • bluetooth to interact with other devices
  • in and out pins to connect to other devices via edge connector

Default Program

  • manufactored after June 23 will run ‘meet the micro:bit’ program
  • previous will run a slightly different program reffed to as Out of box experience.

When you power on the default program runs.

  • power button - power on - love heart and hello sound
  • power button 4secs - power off

  • left button - smiley face and sound
  • right button - sad face

  • both - snake game?

  • sensor hold - it records.. let go to play back
  • shake it - face makes on O

if light high (ie torch on front) - it does power up when both buttons held


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Pairing micro:bit with Chrome. Essentially connecting a device like a microphone to a webpage. Sometimes it fails and you need to just try again.

  1. Heart - show heart on LEDs

  2. Heart Beating unplug and see what happens when connected to battery

need to be careful with connectors!

  1. Animated Animals - Duck up and down


  1. Emotion Badge - ButtonA is happy, B is sad

  2. Get Silly - same as above with a tongue

  3. Flashing Emotions - using buttonA and B..same.. except flashing

  4. Here comes the sun

  5. sunlight2 - 3 parts to it

  6. shining sunbeams

  7. sunlight3 - using light sensor… < > also <= and =>

  8. name badge - show string block

  9. shake dice - on shake block to make random number. show number block

  10. magic 8 ball - if then else if else block

  11. rock paper scissors - 3 icons… do with a friend on 2 bits.. or with an emulator. uses variable set

  12. grpahical dice - on shake displays an icon ie led. change to on button a is better

  13. step counter - on shake and on start change steps and show number

  14. low energy step counter


install connector

copy scratch hex to micro:bit

add extension to scrach

  1. scratch cat

  2. scratch theremin - lots of fun playing with this.. works on twist.

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When shake the microbit it jumps the cat. Using bluetooth maybe?


Online multiuser