I love the excitment of being an entrepreneur. Big highs (a sale) and big lows when customers complain or they don’t want to pay for something.

A piece of advice I once read was that it is good to follow ideas where the people you work with are people you like to be surrounded by.

For example I’ve working in the field of Human Rights for about 4 years, and have met some of the kindest people.

So let’s explore how to help people in this area, and how to make money (so I can feed my family and ultimately make sure they have great opportunities in life). No pressure!

1. Write down

please help me as an entrepreneur brainstorm and refine business ideas in the area of human rights. Provide thoughtful advice, ask probing questions, and challenge me to think critically about growth strategies. while being supportive, please push me to consider why I am not growing at the pace I desire and help me find shortcomings in the approach. please also consider work life balance as I've got a young family, and love working from home. I probably work 5 hours per day. I run my own company as a 1 person startup.

I've had projects in human rights https://osr4rightstools.org/ where I built this website and backend infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. It provided 4 different open source tools for human rights investigators. It was a venture with Swansea University and funded by ESRC.

This above project spun out an idea https://auto-archiver.com/ which is successful and has 2 major clients using these services. I ended up contributing back to this open source project which was started by https://www.bellingcat.com/. Finding other clients has proven to be difficult as I belive the product market fit isn't strong.

It also spun out another law project https://arlawesi.org.uk/ with Swansea Univeristy where I helped the team devliver a project very quickly.

I've done lots of consulting (not on a day rate but on a project rate) around: building reporting systems, building portals for companies, integration with Twitter API, migrating domains using Google, analysing Facebook data.

I enjoy writing software in C#, Python, PHP, SQL Server, Functional programming, HTML, CSS and have a lot of experience in infrastructure as well eg Azure, Proxmox, Linux servers, Bash.

My technical blog is on https://davemateer.com/

LLM’s can help, by being a sounding board, and behave like a business coach / MBA (as it has been trained on data like this). I use ChatGPT-4 and Claude and Bard

Here is a summary of the output in markdown:

Entrepreneurial Growth in Human Rights with Work-Life Balance

Identifying Growth Opportunities

  • Market Needs: Identify emerging needs in human rights where your skills can make an impact.
  • User Feedback: Use feedback from current projects for new feature ideas.
  • Competitive Analysis: Look for gaps in the market that you can fill.

Leveraging Strengths and Experience

  • Technical Expertise: Apply your skills in C#, Python, and infrastructure innovatively.
  • Past Successes: Analyze and replicate factors from previous successful projects.

Exploring Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Networking: Engage with human rights organizations and academic institutions.
  • Open Source Community: Continue active participation and contribution.

Business Model Refinement

  • Revenue Streams: Consider additional streams like consulting or training services.
  • Scaling: Strategize scaling without overextending.

Addressing Shortcomings and Challenges

  • Pace of Growth: Reflect on operational inefficiencies or resource constraints.
  • Marketing and Visibility: Enhance your marketing strategy and online presence.

Work-Life Balance and Time Management

  • Delegation and Automation: Use automation and delegation to manage limited working hours.
  • Setting Boundaries: Ensure clear work boundaries to maintain balance with family life.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

  • Skill Development: Keep updating technical and business skills.
  • Adaptability: Remain adaptable and responsive to industry changes.

Measuring Success and Impact

  • Impact Assessment: Regularly evaluate the impact of your work.
  • Setting Goals: Have clear, measurable business goals.

Remember, maintaining a balance between your professional aspirations and family life is key to sustainable growth and personal fulfillment.

And a more refined summary:

  1. Market Research - Conduct thorough market research to understand the needs and gaps in the human rights technology sector.

  2. Networking and Partnerships - Actively seek networking opportunities and potential partnerships.

  3. Business Planning - evisit and refine your business plan, focusing on scalable, sustainable growth strategies.

2.Market Research

Let’s delve into details

Please can you help in: Market Research: Conduct thorough market research to understand the needs and gaps in the human rights technology sector

GPT-4 now is using web browsing

Human Rights and AI

Well, this is a hot and difficult topic to navigate. Would love to delve into this if I can financially make something work.

Human Rights consulting


Human Rights - other systems