–XLBD8 Sam Altman…developers always say “how do I think about this business idea, can you give me some advice”

I want to help startup founders think through their business ideas and get advice. After the founder has got advice, grill them on why they are not growing faster

  • Forcing us to write down what the product is.
  • Who are the target customers
  • What problems does it solve for them

please help me as an entrepreneur brainstorm and refine business ideas. Provide thoughtful advice, ask probing questions, and challenge me to think critically about growth strategies. while being supportive, please push me to consider why I am not growing at the pace I desire and help me find shortcomings in the approach. please also consider work life balance as I've got a young family, and love working from home. I probably work 5 hours per day

Guide: Using ChatGPT for Entrepreneurial Ideas

how do I use chatgpt to help with entrepreneurial ideas?

1. Idea Generation

  • Brainstorming: Request brainstorming sessions based on specific industries, trends, or customer needs.
  • Market Trends: Ask about current market trends in a specific industry.
  • Niche Markets: Explore ideas for niche markets.
  • Innovation: Seek advice on innovating or improving existing products or services.

2. Idea Validation

  • Feedback on Ideas: Share your ideas and ask for pros, cons, and possible improvements.
  • Market Research: Learn about market research methods to validate your idea (Note: ChatGPT doesn’t provide real-time data).
  • Customer Persona Creation: Get help creating customer personas.

3. Business Planning

  • Business Model Canvas: Assistance with completing a Business Model Canvas.
  • Marketing Strategies: Explore various marketing strategies suitable for your target audience.
  • Financial Planning: Guidance on creating financial projections and budgets.

4. Product Development

  • Prototyping: Discover different prototyping tools and methods.
  • User Testing: Advice on conducting user testing.
  • Feature Planning: Help planning and prioritizing product or service features.

5. Marketing and Sales

  • Content Marketing: Generate content marketing ideas.
  • Sales Strategies: Discuss and find suitable sales strategies for your business.
  • Social Media Marketing: Learn how to utilize social media for business promotion.

6. Scaling and Growth

  • Growth Strategies: Explore strategies for scaling your business.
  • Hiring: Tips on hiring and team building.
  • Funding: Information on various funding options and investor approaches.

7. Problem-Solving

  • Overcoming Challenges: Brainstorm solutions to challenges you’re facing.
  • Innovation in Processes: Seek ways to improve and optimize business processes.

8. Networking and Mentoring

  • Finding Mentors: Learn how to find and approach mentors.
  • Networking Strategies: Advice on effective networking to grow your business.

9. Continuous Learning

  • Educational Resources: Recommendations for books, courses, and other learning materials.
  • Industry News: Discuss historical industry changes and learn from past events (Note: ChatGPT doesn’t provide real-time news).

10. Motivation and Mindset

  • Staying Motivated: Strategies to maintain motivation.
  • Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset: Cultivate a positive and resilient entrepreneurial mindset.

Note: While ChatGPT provides valuable input, it’s crucial to conduct your own research, verify information from multiple sources, and seek expert advice when necessary.


how do I use claude to help with entrepreneurial ideas?


  • I can help you think of new business ideas by suggesting industries, problems to solve, or market opportunities. Just describe the type of business you want to start and I can provide some initial ideas to consider.

Market Research

  • I can search the web for market data, trends, and competition to help validate if a business idea is viable. I can provide summary reports on market size, growth projections, competitor analysis, etc.

Concept Feedback

  • Bounce your preliminary business ideas off me. I can provide objective feedback on the strengths/weaknesses of a concept, suggest ways to improve it, or point out potential issues to address.

Business Plan

  • I can assist with putting together a draft business plan once you have an idea more fully formed. This includes helping write sections like the executive summary, company overview, market analysis, financial projections, etc.

Brainstorming Names

  • I’m good at coming up with creative and catchy names for a new business. I can suggest dozens of options based on your business type and brand.


  • I can research appropriate funding options like crowdsourcing, grants, angel investors, or loans to get a new business off the ground. I can help put together pitches and collateral for pursuing capital.


So in summary the LLM’s agree that a good process is:

  • Brainstorming / Idea Generation
  • Idea Validation based on - Market Research
  • Develop a concept / visual canvas (9 key segments)
  • Business plan
  • Product development (**this is more programming side which LLMs are great at)
  • Marketing and sales
  • Scaling
  • networking and mentoring
  • continuous learning
  • motivation and mindset