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In this article I’ll show how I used ChatGPT4 to:

  • Get ideas for a business
  • Create a responsive HTML website using Tailwind CSS (screenshot above)
  • Generate very good content
  • Generate Imaages
  • Do in less than a day


In my series of exploration of LLM’s / GPT, lets see if it can help me create a website for a new business.

This is really part 1, 2 and 3 of:

  1. Coding / code completion / summerisation of code - html / css
  2. Assimilating information and summerising - project plan / monetisation ideas / costsing ideas
  3. Generation (text / image) - generating content / images
  4. Coversation (chatbots)
  5. Knowledge accessibility - question and answer

1.1 Starting from a blank slate

This to me seems like a great use case for programmers/entrepreneurs who just want to

Get started quickly to rapidly iterate on a project

Idea and Why

Lets imagine that I want to explore the idea of

Running home brew training courses in real life


  • Because it is something I want to go on.
  • Because it is a complicated hobby to get started with and there is always something more to learn
  • Seeing others do something is a great way to learn
  • You’ll come away with wort to ferment of the different beers we will make
  • Get away for a holiday / adventure
  • Get the right kit a the right price
  • Find top tips on suppliers of ingredients
  • Our favourite recipes
  • Will visit a commercial brewery
  • Will visit home setups in the kitchen, outside and custom brew shed.

Caveat.. and why not

I’m not sure this is a good idea at all, but as an example, why not. And actually this is what LLM’s are all about.. is moving fast, failing fast, so lets push this example and see what happens.

Monetization Strategies for Training Courses

I asked ChatGPT-4:

What are good monetisation strategies for running home brew training courses in person and online

This is a summary of the content it produced

  • Course Fees: Charge per session/module or a one-time fee.
  • Subscription Model: Offer monthly or annual access to course content.
  • Course Material Sales: Sell textbooks, workbooks, and other materials.
  • Upsells: Offer advanced or specialized modules for an extra charge.
  • Private Tutoring: Charge for 1-on-1 personalized sessions.
  • Certifications: Charge for certification exams or processes.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Earn commissions on recommended products.
  • Sponsored Content: Partner with businesses for sponsored lessons.
  • Merchandising: Sell branded merchandise.
  • Donations: Ask for support for free content through platforms like Patreon.
  • Licensing Content: Allow others to use your material for a fee.
  • Membership Sites: Charge for exclusive content and resources.
  • Ad Revenue: Earn from ads on platforms like YouTube.
  • Workshops: Charge for specialized in-person or virtual sessions.
  • Sell Recorded Sessions: Offer recorded sessions for a fee.
  • Corporate Packages: Offer bulk courses for businesses.
  • Grants & Scholarships: Seek sponsorship from organizations.


Can you write an html website for running home brew training courses in person and online using Tailwind CSS

alt text

Lets build out more.

Add content and Generative AI Images

Add a login button on the top right

Add more detail to the in person Intro to home brewing course including a summary of what will be learned and space for an image - to create images from DALL-E 3

Create a beautiful image of home brewing equipment in an English kitchen

Create a beautiful image of home brewing equipment in a brew shed with lots of equipment

Add more detail to an intermediate home brewing course including a summary of what will be learned and space for an image

alt text

This is taking shape and exciting. Fast!

Tag Line and Hero and CTA

Create a tag line for this site and put it in code

Another tag line

alt text

Brewing Equipment

alt text

Make the image 100%

Interestingly it has done better on the top section, which I could of course just use that code.

alt text

I did use that code.

Hamburger Menu

I gave it my code, but didn’t work quite yet! Will have to delve into this, but need to keep going fast to do POC.

Lets make up some parts of the website to give us credence:

alt text

Newspapers were all recommended

Could you put in a section on "as featured in" naming some prominent publications and newspapers in the UK

For the 'as featured in' section could you make up some ficticious beer websites that mention us, and give positive quotes on the excellent experience

Please make up some quotes from fictitious people about how much they learned on home brewing

Can you make this a hyperlink: <p>The Telegraph</p> with nice style


It took a day to put this concept together

  • Great for brainstorming ideas
  • Can put a ‘product’ in front of customers / stakeholders

Ultimately I’m not taking this idea forward because

  • The numbers don’t add up for the financial projections I want ie 5 people at ~£100 per day for 1 day per month doing a course.
  • Do I really want people in my house (doing crazy things with dangerous liquids)… they will.

So, onto the next idea using a similar strategy.