Am not running yet have a problem with idempotency ie when a line fails, it affects all following runs.

Running the docker version

# check to make sure running latest version by running this again
docker pull bellingcat/auto-archiver

mkdir secrets
cd secrets
vim orchestation.yaml


old to new

service_account.json (my first gmail account) into secrets\service_account.json - googlesheets read and write

  • archivers - put in twitter
  • database - gsheet_db
  • gsheet_feeder - “AA Demo Main” - the name of the spreadsheet which the service_account.json has access to.
docker run --rm -v $PWD/secrets:/app/secrets -v $PWD/local_archive:/app/local_archive bellingcat/auto-archiver --config secrets/orchestration.yaml test video using youtube-dlp which downloaded fine


However I’ve got a twitter problem issue 82

Lets try the wacz instead on the twitter one

# create a new profile
# if you get a blank screen, click create profile
# then try again
docker run -p 6080:6080 -p 9223:9223 -v $PWD/crawls/profiles:/crawls/profiles/ -it webrecorder/browsertrix-crawler create-login-profile --url ""

docker run -p 6080:6080 -p 9223:9223 -v $PWD/crawls/profiles:/crawls/profiles/ -it webrecorder/browsertrix-crawler create-login-profile --url ""

  • profile.tar.gz has to be in secrets


However I couldn’t get wacz to work - just kept timing out. issued 86 is now fixed as of 25th Aug 2023.

The doesn’t work for some reason - works when I download the wacz and upload here

Direct paste into this UI doesn’t work, nor does the direct link eg

alt text

Twitter API

The paid API works well.

Local Version Install

# 23.1.2 on python 3.10
pip --version

# 23.2.1 now on 23rd Aug 2023
pip install --upgrade pip

pipenv install

pipenv run python -m src.auto_archiver --config secrets/orchestration.yaml

Google Drive Upload

alt text filename_generator: static

alt text filename_generator: random

I’d like the folder name to be the same as the entry name eg DM_001 - and I don’t think the code can do that yet.

Debug v6 python

attempted relative import with no known parent package

hmm how to debug? when I have relative imports here

The trick is to use the module directive instead of program in vscode launch.json

	"name": "AA Demo Main (davemateer@gmail)",
    "type": "python",
	"request": "launch",
    // "program": "src/auto_archiver",
    "module": "src.auto_archiver",
	"console": "integratedTerminal",
	"justMyCode": true,
	"args": ["--config","secrets/orchestration.yaml"]


Naming structure on folders is not good - I want it to be the entry number eg DM-001. This is possible!

Multiple storages not really supported as just writes multiple into the spreadsheet

S3 buckets work well as get image previews in spreadsheet. And the Archive location is handy

alt text

Annoying can’t serve html from Gdrive - you can service public images directly from google drive now.


don’t use this at the moment as bug where if it fails, it kills the rest of the run see FB video to Telegram in my test suite

wacz runs browsertrix-crawler running locally - well it uses Docker.. but this does work. WACZ extract_media flag is set.

why are there 2 _enricher things in archivers: yaml?

well it is so that the archiver will give a wacz: success if it is turned on in the archivers section.

we can then get a wacz as an enricher (ie download all images file and wacz file)


as n archiver can see what it does

but as an enricher?

alt text


  • telethon -
  • telegram - more of a hack.. not advised.. no login needed. just beautiful soup

Essentially create an app to get APP ID and HASH instructions

then run the auto_archiver and we are

alt text

put in phone eg +447584123456 then put in code telethon sends us.


uses exiftool

sudo apt install exiftool

which is stored in the html:

alt text


writes to column: perceptual hashes

Facebook wacz enricher and crawler

# get latest image
docker pull webrecorder/browsertrix-crawler

pip install --upgrade pip

# had problems with pdq_hash on Ubuntu 20_04
pipenv update

pipenv run python -m src.auto_archiver --config secrets/orchestration-aa-demo-main.yaml

docker system prune