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Lets see how to Win and Mac compare with keyboard shortcuts (I’ve been a Windows guys for many years)


  • Activity Monitor (Task Manager)
  • Finder (Explorer)
  • Terminal (Terminal in WSL2)
  • VS Code
  • OneNote
  • Photos (nothing good on windows)
  • Image Capture (win explorer crashes a lot) for transferring photos from an iPhone

MacOS Shortcuts

  • Cmd Space (Windows key) - search
  • alt tab (alt tab) - switch windows
  • Cmd C (ctrl C) - copy
  • cmd V (ctrl V) - paste
  • cmd q (alt f4) - close app

  • ctrl cmd q (win l) - lock screen
  • cmd z (ctrl z) - undo

  • xxx (Win E) - open finder / explorer from anywhere

Terminal shortcuts

  • Cmd + / - increase font size

Chrome shortcuts

  • Cmd L (Ctrl D) - cursor in address bar / location bar
  • cmd t (ctrl t) - open new tab
  • cmd w (ctrl w) - close tab
  • cmd tab (ctrl tab) - switch between chrome tabs

iMovie shortcuts

see blog article

Linux side

  • brew (apt) eg to install wget
  • brwew install python (I had 3.8.2 installed with catalina)


  • ctrl click (right click) - get get info on a folder

  • View, Show Path Bar
  • View, Show Status Bar

  • Users is where Movies is. (can just drag this to external hard disk if need be)

Setup machine

  • system preferences, mouse, reverse wheel direction
  • system preferences, keyboard, map caps lock to escape (check both keyboards!)
  • to enable keyboard repeating (Which I use in vim to move left and right)
# then reboot to get auto keyboard repeat
defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false
  • to get hash symbol Alt-3

brew problem not supported anymore on catalina eg installing wget taking ages (1 hour) as it is building from cmake. vim taking ages as it built rust as a dependency.