I’m exploring various scheduling tools for employees

The current system is on Google Spreadsheets, and we need much more control and workflows to stop errors

However we would love to keep the flexibility of a spreadsheet system

And not have the cost of a specific scheduling SaaS product which is in the realm of £40k per year for 600 employees.

What is Monday.com?

Is it a spreadsheet with automation and workflow?

  • There is good undo (Trash)
  • Keyboard shortcuts looks good
  • Multi select looks good


Workspace - contains Items eg Board, Doc, Dashboard, Form. All team members are in workspace.

Board - like a worksheet. everything is a board

Groups (top level)

Items - can be anything eg Clients, Deals, Meetings, Bugs.. anything you need to manage

Sub Items

Column - can have type eg Numbers, People, Status, Date, Location, Files

Item - like a row in a spreadsheet



Monday.com Review & Tutorial (Best for New Users 👍) Duplicate board is handy

Sorting is handy

Handy to stop using email chains, and to use it in here as project management so other people can see email chains!

Automation and Forms

Can it be a scheduler?

Scheduling blog post

How much would it cost?

Each person is a user

Timeline and Gant views are

  • Individual (2 seats) free
  • Basic £9/seat per month
  • Standard £11 seat per month
  • Pro £18 seat per moth. Charts. Formula column. Integrations automations.
  • Enterprise