- who provide proxying. Their onboarding process was brilliant.

I’m doing an http1.0 curl request which works for maybe 20 times, then fails when the target website doesn’t like my IP anymore. Changing networks (for example to my phone) works. So, lets try a proxy

I know when it works as get a 200 back, otherwise get a 302 redirect to their login page, even though the page is public.

Lets try the data_centre proxy first ($5 credit for free when sign up with credit card)

curl --proxy  \
  --proxy-user brd-customer-hl_xxxxxxxx-zone-data_center:yyyyyyyyyyyy  \

-User: brd-customer-hl_xxxxxxxx-zone-data_center -Password: yyyyyyyyy



Customer support on brightdata was exceptional! I got an answer back in minutes.

curl --proxy \
 --proxy-user brd-customer-hl_xxxxxxxx-zone-data_center:yyyyyyyyyyyy  \
 --silent \
 --http1.0  \