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To take control of a file in Google Drive (and for it to come out of your quota) the person owning the file must press the Share icon (person) and Transfer ownership

Notice the 2 users here are gmail, not a custom google workspace domain

Google Workspace

You can’t transfer files from a workspace domain eg to non workspace eg

Files can only be transferred within the workspace domain.

Sorry, sharing is unavailable at this time

When doing multiple files I got this error. What fixed it for me was turning off my uBlock origin ad blocker in Chrome.

Multiple files

I found that a screenful of files worked and any more could be problematic and slow.

Filter was owner:me and transferring to another user.


Google drive filtering is very powerful - there is a pop up icon, or you can put in commands in the search box eg:

# only this user

# only this user

# not this user and not this other user

Sorry, you have exceeded your sharing quota

On the receiving users end they got this message after around 50 files received.

Wait 24hs to see what happens. After a few days I was able to transfer 600 files to a new ownership.

Another solution

If possible another way is to simply login as that target user on your machine with Google Drive then use a tool like Beyond Compare to transfer files

Use Google Drive desktop for drive mappings then .shortcut-targets-by-id in Beyond Compare to get left and right side setup.

I filter by Orphaned Files (ie ones which are only on 1 side) then Ctrl L to copy to the left had side.