alt text ran an event in London at the stylish Convene in 22 Bishopsgate.

Hosted by Rob Walling and Director is Xander Castro

TL;DR Highlights

  • Talk to customers first!
  • Look after customers
  • Be customer driven
  • Communicate - companies that email the best / most.. win.
  • Talk about the company, not just the founder

Get good at describing what you do.

Be a student of business ie read books! Be like hotjar

  1. Put our customers at the heart of everything
  2. Be bold and move fast
  3. Work with respect
  4. Build trust with transparency
  5. Challenge ourselves to grow

Brennan Dunn He has been speaking on email marketing since 2013

Talking about how to run automated email for signups. Making it more personalised by sementing.

Run surveys (research flywheel) eg on reform.

VOC - Voice of Customer Language.

Make emails actionalbe

Use Urgency eg Discount, Extended trial, limited time etc

Segment non buyers eg why didn’t buy

eg spreadsheeto added 10% by emailling after deadline and asking why.. being super nice.

  • Create system that uncover segmentation opportunities + Voice of Customer language. Uncover segments from a survey into a spreadsheet. and figure out what language they use.
  • Find out Who’s and Why’s of audience
  • Delivery bespoke experience that react to segmentation eg in emails if/else for market segment. Personalise onboarding.
  • Dial in on someones specific project and pitch your product as best way to solve their problem. Thier offer not your offer.
  • Uncover sales objections that you can use to re-pitch. Overcome objections.

Asia Orangio

Identifying your best growth opportunities

Customer Journey - ask to interview 10 customers per month!. Record interview. This will get 2-3x faster growth!

Choosing project management software eg Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Monday. Asana won as they emailled back the most.

  • What was number 1 thing accomplish hoping to use this solution?
  • What was going on before
  • What now
  • Why didn’t work before
  • How did you go about finding our solution

Rob Walling podcast

Content marketing

ACV - Annual Contract Value CLV - Customer lifetime value ARPA - Average Revenue per Account, divided by Churn

To increase ACV :

  • raise prices and learn how to communicate why well eg great email. Review every 6-12 months.
  • decrease churn


Talk to customers - what are their problems? What could save them time that could be automated? owner of talked about how doing podcasts was a great marketing starting tool.


Start Small Stay Small by Rob Walling, 2010

Obviously Awesome by April Dunford, 2019. 759 reviews.

Competing against luck (649 reviews)

Growth hacking


By what I noticed people using, and sponsors: Forms and Surveys. Rob Walling uses this. Email marketing (Rob’s old company) Email Service Provider (ESP)

Tools by people I met Forms by Brennan uses this tool too. - people build on top of this eg affliliate He talked about how working hard with friends to help promote his product and get it out there. by by VSCode note taking plugin. By Kevin Lin. tabs in tree structure from Chromium

Other Channels

Slack (discount discord!)


YouTube - this is where the great Jason Cohen video is.


Other Stuff

Dressing well is important.

Practising talking about what we do.

Listen to peoples problems!

Be student of business

Review of my previous articles

I’ve been writing about entrepreneurship for a few years, and have had a few pushes. which have lead to higher prices, value based pricing (ie nor hourly), and better communication.

From Developer to Business Owner

How to start Freelancing and Contracting