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VS2022 was causing huge performance issues (it was the razor pages editor see reddit) on a internal corp VM with big issues. So I switched to VS Code. I love Resharper so that’s the reason I’ve resisted VSCode for .NET.

Using a .NET6 Razor Pages project and VS Code

I found the easiest way to run Hot Reload was to not use Ctrl-F5, but to launch a terminal

# go into the Razor Pages Web project folder (usually 1 below solution level)
cd WebApp
dotnet watch

# trying to only see the errors and not warnings
# can't yet do with dotnet watch
# this seems to work for build, but haven't figured out dotnet watch yet
dotnet build /clp:ErrorsOnly

Also I turn off autosave - File menu

Had to use powershell as terminal disabled on the corp machine.

ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT variable wasn’t set in powershell, so I’m defaulting to dev environment if none set.

Hot reload is a super useful feature!