I’ve built a VM that I’d like to recreate fairly quickly. It is all scripted using the Azure CLI, but the dependencies are brittle (ie I don’t know when things may change on what it downloads), so I want an image of it.

https://github.com/osr4rightstools/osr4rights-tools contains an Azure CLI script to bring up a vm ready to go. However compiling from source takes time - about 12 minutes.

https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-machines/shared-images-cli Firstly we need a Shared Image Gallery

# create new resource group to hold Shared Image Gallery
az group create --name myGalleryRG --location westeurope

# sig is Shared Image Gallery
az sig create --resource-group myGalleryRG --gallery-name myGallery

Create an Image from a VM

https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-machines/image-version-vm-cli - create an image from a VM

Image definition Image version

# show current VMs in subscription
az vm list --output table

# get the id of the VM
az vm get-instance-view -g OSRFACESERACHGPU861 -n osrfacesearchgpu861vm --query id

## create an image definition
# they create a logical grouping for images
az sig image-definition create \
   --resource-group myGalleryRG \
   --gallery-name myGallery \
   --gallery-image-definition myImageDefinition \
   --publisher myPublisher \
   --offer myOffer \
   --sku mySKU \
   --os-type Linux \
   --os-state specialized

# create image version
# this can take a while - 20mins?

   # --replica-count 1 \
az sig image-version create \
   --resource-group myGalleryRG \
   --gallery-name myGallery \
   --gallery-image-definition myImageDefinition \
   --gallery-image-version 1.0.0 \
   --target-regions "westeurope" \
   --managed-image "/subscriptions/10cb0eb6-b1e9-40c6-b721-ee2a754f166c/resourceGroups/OSRFACESERACHGPU861/providers/Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/osrfacesearchgpu861vm"

Create a VM

# just lists my images
az sig image-definition list --resource-group $resourceGroup --gallery-name $gallery --query "[].[name, id]" --output tsv


az group create --name $vmResourceGroup --location $location

az vm create\
   --resource-group $vmResourceGroup \
   --name $vmName \
   --image $imgDef \
   --admin-username $adminUsername \

# Error messages
# I'm getting an error saying Parameter 'osProfile' is not allowed
# this is how to show the error message details
az deployment group list --resource-group OSRFACESERACHGPU203

Lets try creating from the GUI ahh it is the wrong GPU

Am using