I use multiple GitHub logins to host multiple GitHub Pages User Sites:

alt text Importantly I use HTTPS, which is now the norm, rather than SSH Keys

Multiple GH Logins

Make sure your version of git is up to date. As of 28th July 2019 it is 2.22.0. and you’ve got Git Credenital Manager installer. This is for Windows, but I’m sure the *nix concepts will be the same.

alt text We want Git Credential Manager.

Delete current cache of GitHub passwords

Search for Credential Manager from the start key on Windows and delete any cached passwords.

alt text

Edit the git config file

In a repo requiring your 2nd GH account:

alt text

So I specify the name of any non-default GH accounts, and add useHttpPath.
I prefer manually editing the .git/config file. To see the hidden file in VS Code, File, Preferences, Settings, search for exclude. Delete the .git setting.

git commands

This is another way of doing the above.

git clone https://github.com/penhemingway/penhemingway.github.io.git
git remote -v

# we get
#origin  https://github.com/penhemingway/penhemingway.github.io.git (fetch)
#origin  https://github.com/penhemingway/penhemingway.github.io.git (push)

# add in the username in front of github.com
git remote set-url origin https://penhemingway@github.com/penhemingway/penhemingway.github.io.git

git remote -v
# view the changes
#origin  https://penhemingway@github.com/penhemingway/penhemingway.github.io.git (fetch)
#origin  https://penhemingway@github.com/penhemingway/penhemingway.github.io.git (push)

# update httpPath
# any credentials used should be associated with full repository path, not the entire domain eg github.com default (our main account)
git config credential.useHttpPath true

alt text Now login with the 2nd account and it works

What have we done

Technically this issues explains more

alt text And looking at the Windows Credential Manager (after you’ve logged into your default GH account again) you can see our 2 cached passwords.

So now I don’t notice I’m working with multiple GitHub Accounts on one machine.