My 4790k (Release Date May 2014) desktop machine is nearly 9 years old. build has started doing strange things. DDR3 (16GB)

CPU Mark from passmark of 8,710

Why change a machine that is working

  • Keep up to date
  • Develop faster
  • So can play more games with kids
  • The joy of finding things out and playing

Why build a machine?

  • For the fun! Not done a full build before
  • Show kids the different parts of a PC
  • Build what I want
  • Learn so that I’m more of an expert in this

What am I using this build for?

  • Development
  • VSCode
  • Visual Studio
  • Docker
  • WSL
  • Steam games with my 6 and 8 year old


Read up on background on latest CPUs, MOBO (Motherboards), Memory, GPUS, monitors, keyboards, m.2, SSD, WiFi


w computer fun! uk pc build reddit? quietpc best bang for buck

get a previous gen or 2? compare cpu’s get bang for buck! UK amazon - £300 monitor - 27” 1ms response 1080 voucher code in PRO22

ssd 1tb £86

memory 32GB £84

cpu cooler £105

Windows 11 Pro vs Win 11 Home

MS Compare Win

  • Bitlocker on pro

WSL2 is on home for Win 10 and 11

Pre build ideas good, better, best

CPU - AMD or Intel?





Network card

Would love an extendable aerial for wifi

Graphics - Nvidia or AMD

I want to be able to play latest titles


3070 8GB

3060Ti 8GB - made by MSI GeForce


I’ve never had a ‘gaming’ screen ie high refresh rate.. would be fun to try


32 or 64GB probably


1 or 2TB

New Mechanical disk?